Timeless Military Coins, LLC

Operation Linebacker (Knox version)

Timeless Military Coins

  • 2.25'' Round
  • Antique bronze patina, full enamel color and high relief 3D dies/molds. 



  • Commemorating Operations Linebacker I & II, the front/obverse of the coin is a replica of the Operation Linebacker patch/emblem in full color. 
  • The back/reverse features numerous details and represents a full arsenal of those that served on the firing line. Flying above a Midway class carrier are a batch of B-52's. Patrolling the seas are an Ashtabula class oiler, Knox class destroyer, and a Grayback class submarine. 

Also featured in the bottom portion are representations of the National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, and Vietnam Campaign medal. 


***Please note the last two images provided are for the art proof of the GEARING class version and not the finalized, minted version of the coin that are currently being minted.


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