Timeless Military Coins, LLC

Welcome to Timeless Military Coins, home to the most unique challenge/commemorative coins currently being made. The majority of the coins we design, manufacture, and sell represent primarily U.S. Navy ships, shore stations, and favorite liberty ports. What makes them unique is that, with the exception of certain still active liberty ports, they are have all been decommissioned or disestablished and have no representation in the challenge coin market today. We are the sole provider of the coins in our "Timeless Collection" inventory.

Each coin is carefully researched to ensure the accuracy of design in regards to command emblems, colors, dates of service (as best can be determined in some cases), areas of service, historical landmarks, and any other nostalgic “memories.” We then work with our manufacturers in transferring these items to two inch coins who transform them into what we feel are small works of art. We stress extreme detail, clarity and accuracy and have achieved remarkable success. Our customers always comment on how unique each coin is and how it captures the feeling of their previous command. Also, we incorporate our “story of the coin” on both the obverse and reverse so that each side is of equal interest. In most cases, either side could be the front. We never use the Navy emblem as a filler.

As a retired Navy family (Dad, Mom, Son) we took on this adventure over two years ago using our own money and ideas. Our motto of “Preserving the Past for the Future” holds true in every coin we manufacture and we are finding that there are lots of other former Navy folks who hold them in as high regard as we do. We’ve been able to share many old Navy memories with customers who have called us, made new friends via Facebook and our web site, and discovered that we are one of very few companies that actually do what we do.

We realize that our reputation is very important to continued growth (we have lots of other ideas for future coins) and so customer service is our number one priority. We have achieved a flawless 5 star rating on eBay and our web site feedback page, process orders the day we get them, and in most cases provide next day shipping.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what we’re about. As I mentioned, we have lots of other ideas for future coins so stop back by from time to time to see what’s new and if you happen to have any ideas...let us know.

Chad, Randy and Pam Clifton



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