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Timeless Military Coins

  • 2'' Round
  • Finish: Antique Bronze in high relief 3D with semi-cloisonne enamel
  • On the front/obverse of the coin is a Skull with subtle pirate regalia, clinched in the teeth is an early 20th century Naval Cutlass, two AIM-9m Sidewinders take place of the typical Skull/Crossbones which read "Xin Loi Du Ma," and military-aviation inspired wings.
  • The back/reverse features a map focusing on North Vietnam, with a radio tower to represent the back-story of the naming of the "Yankee Air Pirates" by the Vietnamese.  Also featured are an F-4 Phantom II, A-4 Skyhawk and Bell UH-1 Iroquois (Huey) Helicopter. The border of the coin reads: "FROM THE SEAS & SKIES WE BRING IT TO THE FOE - OUR GIFTS THUNDERED TO THE EARTH, LIKE THE ROVERS OF YORE - WE RAKED THEM BOW TO STERN." The targets on the map notate Hanoi, Haiphong and Vinh. 

"Xin Loi Du Ma" ..."Sorry about that...Mother!*&%$@"

THE YANKEE AIR PIRATES: Early in the Vietnam War, American Navy, Marine and Air Force aviators pounded Hell out of North Vietnam and the Cong. Because war had not formally been declared, North Vietnamese radio in the charming (not) guise of Hanoi Hanna dubbed us "Yankee Air Pirates." Wrong move, lady! As it turned out, pilots, RIO's (backseat drivers), gunners, squadron ground personnel - everyone having to do with US aviation seized on the phrase and proudly adopted it as a mark of honor and derring-do. On caps, t shirts, flight jackets and you-name-it, the feared skull of the Pirates was seen everywhere. Cigar-chomping, wisecracking, cocky, not-afraid-of-the-Devil-himself - the Yankee Air Pirates were everywhere. One might live just down the street from YOU.



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