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Liberty Call Thailand/Pattaya

Timeless Military Coins

Sold out.

As of 1 Jun 2017, two (2) final coins available. For ordering, please email: 
timelessmilitarycoins@gmail.com or chad@timelessmilitarycoins.com
  • Size: 2''/50mm
  • Finish: 3D High Relief Antique Bronze and Raised Antique Bronze; Recessed Sandblasted Antique Brass
  • Sculpted green enamel "dragon scale" background design on obverse
  • Obverse features sailor on Thai decorated elephant, Tiger, and a Thai Dragon/Naga and Cobra 
  • Reverse features the Seventh Fleet emblem, USS Texas, Sanctuary of Truth temple, female "tour guide," the Pattaya City beach sign & a bottle of Singha beer
  • ***Engraving not available for this coin***



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