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Liberty Call Olongapo City

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Liberty Call: Olongapo City, PI. Designed for the WESTPAC Sailor-of-Old. 

One of the favorites to our Timeless Liberty Call Series features quite a bit of history...and mystery. 

Depicted on the obverse/front are images both obvious and subtle, to remind a past generation of sailors the unique liberty adventures available only in Olongapo City.  For those that were there, no explanation is necessary.  
Some artistic license was taken on the reverse/back, which depicts the bridge that all sailors crossed on their way to a memorable day of liberty, the infamous "S*** River," and street signs indicating their way “home.”  Not only is this coin highly crafted and impossible to find anywhere else - it is nostalgic in every way. And while it makes a great souvenir, it is also a unique novelty item that can lead to some interesting discussions. 
  • Size: 2''/50mm
  • Finish: 3D Antique Bronze and Raised Antique Bronze; Recessed Sandblasted Antique Brass
  • Enamel colored "Butterfly" image
  • Engraving not available for this coin


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