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U.S. Naval Station Panama Canal

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Also referred to as Rodman Naval Station, our coin commemorating U.S. Naval Station Panama Canal recognizes the 60+ years of providing "Fleet Support at the Crossroads of the World."

The obverse/front side of this coin includes a large, raised image of the Naval Station's emblem in the center. Also included are detailed, enamel-colored emblems of the four largest commands attached to the Naval Station at the time of transfer to the Panamanians in 1999: Naval Warfare Unit Eight (NSWU 8), Naval Small Craft Instruction and Technical Training School (NAVSCIATTS), Special Boat Unit Twenty-Six (SBU 26), and Marine Corps Security Force Company Panama. All of these commands participated in Operation Just Cause in 1989-1990. In addition, the word "Rodman" is included in the top center and dates of service at the bottom center.

On the reverse/back side is an extremely colorful collage of "all things Panamanian." Some of the images included are the Panama Canal, the Bridge of the Americas, an aerial view of the Naval Station, native dancers, a bottle of Cerveza Panama, native animals such the coatimundi, and much more. The Station's motto "Fleet Support at the Crossroads of the World" is across the bottom, along with "Bienvenidos a Panama" colorfully worded across the top. This is truly a unique and one-of-a-kind coin and not available anywhere else.

  • Size: 2''
  • Shape: Oval
  • Color/Finish: Sandblasted Gold with enamel color; screen printed image with epoxy coating
  • engraving not available for this coin

*No current protective case available for our 2'' oval coins


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