Timeless Military Coins, LLC

Liberty Call Yokosuka

Timeless Military Coins

  • 2'' Round
  • Finish: Antique Bronze in high relief 3D with semi-cloisonne enamel
  • Obverse/front features a sailor with traditional Japanese tattoos including koi fish, dragon, kanji (spelling Yokosuka), geisha & map of Japan; cherry blossoms, and Mt. Fuji in the background
  • Reverse/back features the Asahi beer logo in red color, ships that were forward deployed including the USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19), USS Midway (CV 41), USS Independence (CV 62), USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63), USS George Washington (CVN 73); U.S. 7th Fleet emblem; CTF 70 emblem; DESRON 15 emblem; CVW-5; Carrier Strike Group 5; and both male and female sailors enjoying some R&R in the Honch
  • Designed by Sierra Orrick 


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